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Worldwide Ad Network: About AdGate

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AdGate is an online advertising network that provides a large, intelligent CPM-based advertising platform. Our self-serve, CPM-bidding ad network is designed to help advertisers and publishers alike reach their highest web marketing goals by serving cost-effective, large volumes of targeted web, mobile and tablet traffic and providing content monetizing solutions.

Our flexible CPM-bidding model benefits both advertisers and publishers by ensuring that price is driven by market value. Traffic supply and demand regulates pricing. Our algorithm takes each advertiser's bid and budget into account and allocates publisher traffic to their campaigns accordingly.

The goal is simple, to maximize your earnings and the perfomance. As one of the biggest player in the industry, along with our partner network directads, we have enough experience and knowledge to drive your goals above the sky and reach new dimensions. We serve billions of impressions and work with over 500.000 publishers, join now to see our magic.

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.